November 27 / 2019

Matthew Swaggart is a photographer, designer, and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HoldFast Gear. HoldFast Gear is a high-quality leather goods outfitter originally tailored to the photography industry.

Matthew fell in love with photography at an early age and started his career as a professional wedding photographer. It was during this time that he saw a need for a camera strap that offered the ability to hold multiple cameras while providing a polished, professional look. Thus, the Money Maker was created.

In this episode, Matthew tells the HoldFast Gear story and discusses the power of passion and work ethic in business, and his emphasis on quality in developing new, timeless pieces.

Gear For Life

November 27 / 2019

Boots are a staple in a wardrobe. We admire the high-shine cordovan boots, chukka boots, and a number of rucking boots. Now we are really impressed with one of our favorite leather works company’s introduction into the boot market. The new Hold Fast Leather Roamographer Leather Boot wraps perfectly to your foot, just what you expect for hours of comfort.

Pack Hacker

September 24 / 2018
A leather holster type camera strap, this allows you to carry two cameras at once—a favorite for wedding photographers. The even distribution of weight takes some of the pressure off of your neck and back, which is helpful on a 12 or 14 hour shoot. The hardware is tough and intended to take a DSLR with a professional lens, plus there is a redundancy tether that will be sure to keep your gear safe. The leather looks sharp whether you’re dressed down for a less formal shoot or wearing a suit/dress at a wedding, looking like a total badass. There are also a number of options for colors, and they even make a vegan option!

Feather & Finch Photography

January 03 / 2018
There’s a lot of jobs out there that can take a huge toll on our bodies leaving work a complete drain due to becoming physically and mentally fatigued trying to fight that ongoing battle of pursing our dreams and listening to your body at the same time. There came a time where I had question my ability to continue working within my passion of photography, I could spend days in bed recovering from one wedding and the idea of knowing how much pain my back would be in after another became more daunting by the minute. 

Shoot. Dot. Edit- HoldFast

December 19 / 2017
HoldFast was born from a sense of adventure and the belief that history is waiting to be captured and made. All Products are made ethically in the United States of America. They take extreme pride in the fact that HF has created many sustainable jobs within the Oklahoma economy.

Making it- TulsaPeople

August 28 / 2017

In a nondescript office in south Tulsa, Matt Swaggart is studying a cushioned shoulder strap, measuring the piece and taking notes. His goal is to create the most comfortable one available. It’s his latest endeavor for Holdfast Gear, the company he started six years ago.

Swaggart started his career in graphic design and video production, and became a professional photographer in 2002.

To meet the needs of his job — which included shooting up to 25 weddings per year — he often wore the standard black neoprene straps to hold his camera gear. He always thought they were uncomfortable and did not look appealing in a formal setting.

In 2011, Swaggart says he was at a low point and felt it was time for a change.

“I felt like I was spinning my wheels,” says the Oral Roberts University graduate. “Being 30, I really wanted to focus in on what I was doing with my life. I’d just had a second kid, didn’t know what to do and was frustrated. So I prayed for guidance, and this idea came to me a few days later.”

Swaggart says he has always loved the image of the 1970s detective with the leather gun holster that holds a revolver. He decided to create a similar tool for camera equipment. Within two weeks, he’d built a prototype.

Fast-forward to today, and Holdfast is an industry leader.

Swaggart says his gear has been used on every continent. His product line has expanded beyond camera equipment into high-quality leather lifestyle apparel like luggage and briefcases.

Holdfast MoneyMaker Camera Harness Review

July 26 / 2017
Holdfast MoneyMaker Harness review and 3 reasons to get one! Security, Comfort and Vanity! There’s nothing more uncomfortable or touristy than hanging a camera around your neck! Now add a little more weight and you’re going to take all the fun out of photography. You don’t need to own a large camera and zoom to use the MoneyMaker. My camera of choice is a Sony A7R and with the added Sony G Master lenses, it gets a little heavy! This is where the Holdfast MoneyMaker Camera Harness really shines!


June 15 / 2017

HoldFast Roamographer Bag & MoneyMaker

"I've been using the Roamographer leather bag from HoldFast Gear for three years now and it is always the most complimented item. No one realizes it's a camera bag, but it's incredible and so stylish. You can also strap a camera to the shoulder strap so it is easy to have it there as an extra body or lens. I use this bag just as often for travelling and school, and people are obsessed with it! HoldFast also makes the MoneyMaker, which is a pair of leather straps for wearing two cameras - really wonderful to have for weddings." - Paige in Seattle



June 09 / 2017

I've never been a fan of just shooting with one camera body and having to switch lenses. I don't really care how fast you can swap lenses, it still takes more time than simply lowering one arm and raising the other. That's also one of the reasons I've never been able to shoot with a flagship body like the Nikon D5. I can pretty much shoot with two prime lenses for most of the wedding day, while carrying a small bag with 2 more lenses to rotate in and out if needed. With that being said, I need a good setup for carrying and shooting dual bodies on a long wedding day.

About 2 years ago, both Sandi and I switched over to shooting the Holdfast Money Maker from the dual Spyder holster. We were both tired of having to walk sideways through tight spaces, as wearing the belt made you about 10-12" wider with a camera on each hip. It's a nice system, but there were a few things we didn't love about them. So, onto the Money Maker.

3 Photography Gear Mistakes That Are Holding You Back

May 30 / 2017

If you could see the trail of bad camera bags I've had over the years, you'd probably be both horrified and maybe a little impressed too...

When I started out, I was convinced that the camera bag I used was the least important accessory. After all, I just needed something to carry my gear from one point to the next.

What I didn't consider is two very important factors - the safety of my gear and my personal comfort carrying it.

You've probably heard the phrase "you get what you pay for," and you've probably heard it used when describing other photography gear like lenses or filters.

But that phrase also applies to camera bags.

How To Travel Safe With Your Camera

May 30 / 2017

If you're traveling and carrying your camera with the factory-made camera strap, you're just inviting trouble.

Not only are these single straps uncomfortable, but they're also flimsy. With the camera brand emblazoned on them, they are also targets for would-be thieves...

Just one cut and your camera strap will be gone, along with your camera.

That's why a shoulder strap system like the Holdfast MoneyMaker (shown above and below) is a great choice for protecting your gear.

2017 Wiki of The Best Camera Harnesses

May 30 / 2017
The Holdfast MoneyMaker is stylish and suave. It's made from high-grade leather, and has an X-design fit for distributing weight evenly across your back. It is capable of holding two cameras right at hip level.

2016 Gift Guide For Him- Auj Poj

December 15 / 2016

Need ideas for the man in your life this Christmas?! I got you covered with some creative, fun, affordable, and rad Christmas gift ideas! This list has been approved by my husband as the best Christmas list ever!!!

You have 10 days until Christmas….ready set gift!!!

1. Thirty-One Prayers for my husband book

2. Carhartt Jacket

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Huffington Post

October 10 / 2016
Be Prepared: Many top photographers always shoot with two cameras. Why? It’s helpful to have one camera with a wide angle lens and one with a longer lens ready to go. This is especially important for photographers hoping to catch moments who need to be prepared for anything to happen at any time. Many photographers hesitate to carry to cameras because they are heavy. The solution? The super-comfortable and ultra-cool HoldFast Moneymaker harness, made from leather or available in a new vegan version. Designed by photographer Matt Swaggart, The Moneymaker harness is widely considered to be the most stylish and comfortable way to carry two cameras, although it can be used for one as well so there is no excuse for not being prepared to get the shot. Only use one camera? It’s a great alternative to the traditional strap. And, ladies, it comes in hot pink.

Japan Camera Hunter

September 02 / 2016

I first got a glimpse of HoldFast Gear bags on instagram (HoldFast Gear is hereI am here), when I saw some people shooting with what seemed to be more classic gentleman’s apparel than camera bag. This really caught my eye, as in recent times I have become quite indifferent to the utilitarian style of camera bags, and craved for something a bit closer to my personal aesthetic. I like things that are hand made, well crafted and designed to last a long time. And that was my immediate impression when I got to feel the quality of these beautiful bags.

The Brotographer

September 02 / 2016
I want to take a minute and talk about the overall design of the Sightseer Lens Bag and how it is meant to be used. Matt has basically created a new way to carry your gear that you need readily accessible while shooting. Let us use portrait or wedding photographers as an example of people who also use the MoneyMaker. With its included sliders, the Sightseer Lens Bag can be attached to the back of the MoneyMaker, carrying a couple lenses as well as a flash. I love using the MoneyMaker with a 35mm on one hip and a 85mm on the other. However sometimes I might need the extra reach of a 70-200mm lens. With the Sightseer Lens Bag, I can easily...

Chandra's Collection

September 23 / 2014
Okay…can I just say something. I fell in love all over again this weekend. MoneyMaker is it’s name…no, really. It’s called the “MoneyMaker” strap fromHoldFast Gear. It’s one of the greatest inventions for wedding photographers. The MoneyMaker strap is marketed towards photographers who use 2 cameras while shooting. Which I used to not do this – until this weekend…and it’s pretty much life changing. Let me tell you why…

Steve Huff Photo

September 15 / 2014
When I took everything out of the box I was in awe of the quality. The last time I was this pleased with the quality of an accessory was when I wrote about the Wotancraft bags recently. Like the Wotancraft bag, the HoldFast Roamographer just oozes quality and workmanship.


June 12 / 2014
The whole idea of what a camera strap should look like and how it should perform changed when the MoneyMaker hit the scene just a few years back. Gone were the days of tactical black nylon. A new era of stylish form and function began when Tulsa, Oklahoma based wedding photographer turned entrepreneur Matthew Swaggart founded HoldFast – a luxury line of leather camera gear and accessories.

FORMA Photography

March 21 / 2014
Today we would like to introduce you to one of our favorite items in our daily work. We were able to meet the wonderful people / inventors / developers of this great tool at the WPPI in Las Vegas. The product is called Holdfast Moneymaker and is a very special kind of camera strap. It does not only hold 1, 2 or 3 cameras including lenses, but is the most elegant and stylish product out there.

Paul Santos Photography

March 13 / 2014
I can't think of many products that smash the functionality factor to bits whilst looking this awesome, all in one wonderfully simple package! Mine was supplied in Chestnut leather, and the quality of the bridle leather strap is second to none.

Patrick Photography

January 10 / 2014
It has once been thought that all a photographer needs to do his job well are his camera and lenses. Yet, many people seem to neglect the importance of how one carries these equipments.

Birds of a Feather

January 10 / 2014

A dual, holster style camera strap is one that’s been around for a while. There are lots of other options out there, and from what we found most of those options included black padded fabric that screams “wedding photographer!”. We’re not feeling that look so much, and that’s why when we found the Holdfast company we got a little excited.

Scott Wyden Kivowitz

January 10 / 2014
I was given the opportunity to review a few Holdfast Gear products, and I am excited to share the results. For those who do not know who Holdfast Gear is, take a look. They are a company that produce handmade camera accessories with leather products, although they do have some fabric products as well.


January 10 / 2014

I’m typically a fan of high quality hand crafted items that are made in the United States, so when I found Hold Fast Gear based in the heart of the USA, who are making some great all leather, stylish camera accessories, I was very interested.  I had to take a look through their products and try something for myself.


January 10 / 2014

They make awesome camera straps and accessories, so I was pretty stoked to hear they had a new strap come out. The Mini-Ruck. I currently use the black version of the Ruck Strap on my Canon 6D, and recently I picked up a FujiX10, for when I didn't wanna drag the Canon around, and the Mini-Ruck is a perfect complement for the smaller camera for a few reasons:


January 10 / 2014

My favorite piece of gear, the MoneyMaker, is HoldFast’s most popular product. It’s basically a multi-camera strap that goes around the shoulders and chest. It’s made of high-quality leather and is EXTREMELY comfortable to wear.


January 10 / 2014

Professional photographer Matthew Swaggart spent years travelling the world with his gear, he grew tired of the stock standard nylon straps that come with even the higher-end modern cameras and decided to do something about it.


January 10 / 2014
Matthew Swaggart has travelled the world, capturing stories of humanity’s highs and lows through his camera lens. While on his journeys, Swaggart grew tired of modern photography gear—it was bulky, uncomfortable, and unattractive.

B&H Photo!

January 10 / 2014

HF is now carried at B&H Photo, check it!


January 10 / 2014

I wish my camera essentially hand and not around the neck strap so annoying and becomes obsolete. Reflection made​​, I had to buy a leash. I began the quest for the Holy Grail, but the only brands offering their range in this accessory models that have neoprene or tissues that do not inspire me. So where to find a leash aesthetics and quality?

The Phoblographer

January 10 / 2014

Holdfast Gear is one of the companies out there that is currently trying to make photography accessories sexy and functional. More than perhaps any other company out there, they push fine leather goods as their staple and provide users with not only stunning products, but durable and practical solutions. We’ve positively reviewed many of their products, and one of the latest offerings from the company is their [PHOTO]Belt; the belt that essentially will make any photographer feel like Batman.

RHM Images

January 10 / 2014

I have always been a big fan of the products over at Holdfast Gear. They are hand made in America using some of the best quality materials available.  I previously bought the Ruck Strap and I have loved using it every day.  Today my "Triple in Kodiak Leather" arrived. The size is a little smaller then a typical shoebox.

Shutter Go Click

January 10 / 2014

Looking through camera bags and straps is at the best of times like perusing a selection of the finest army surplus. I don’t want to look like I’m bordering on jumping out of a helicopter with a heavy machine gun strapped to my shoulder, or crawling through air vents like John McLain. I’m constantly on the search for fashionable, practical and high quality gear that will be versatile in any shooting situation. Enter the HoldFast MoneyMaker camera strap.

JThorpe Photo

January 10 / 2014

Today while out in Baltimore visiting a client, I had the chance to try out my new Ruck Strap, from Holdfast Gear.

Let me first say, I'm not a huge "neck strap" guy. I always keep a wrist strap on my Canon 5DMkII, and I keep the neck strap off since its normally not comfortable, and gets in the way frequently. However using the Ruck Strap, has really made me think twice about not using a strap.

Cassidy Brooke

January 10 / 2014

If you’ve never heard of HF you need to check them out HERE! They are an amazing company that makes wonderful top of line products for photographers, like the MoneyMaker!

get addicted to...

January 10 / 2014

Photographer Matthew Swaggart always disliked the bulky and militaristic style of today’s photographer’s gear. Swaggart determined to create the brand HoldFast that blends the elegant styles of yesterday with unsurpassed modern functionality.

The Phoblographer

January 10 / 2014
HoldFast Gear is letting you take over the cape and cowl from Bruce Wayne by letting the overburdened photographer mount all their gadgets to their belt. The company has just announced the [Photo]Belt, that is a brand new piece of kit designed for the fashion savvy but still very serious photographer (like many of us in NYC.)

Shooting Sisters

January 10 / 2014
As promised, today I'm going to tell you something more about Ruck Strap, the other product I got from HoldFast Gear. By the number of views of the Money Maker review I can see you were really interested in what I had to say about it, so I hope you'll like this one as much.X

Gstyle Mag

January 10 / 2014
I’ve been a fan of HoldFast photography gear for the past few months already ever since learning about their products. It’s a small, independent company with most items hand-made by the owner himself or at least finished by him.

The Phoblographer

January 10 / 2014
HoldFast gear presents a limited edition of their RuckStrap camera carrying solution celebrating the 30th Olympic Games this year (with which it has nothing to do.)* Only thirty pieces of the Olympic Limited Edition will be made in red and blue — the colors of Olympic spirit — with beige leather applications. (Again, this has nothing to do with this year’s Olympic Games in London.)*

Shooting Sisters

January 10 / 2014
Here are two really cool and useful photo accessories made by HoldFast. They are handmade and really well thought through before producing.


January 10 / 2014
This one’s for our professional photographer readers. There’s nothing new about multi camera harnesses, but HoldFast decided that there’s got to better choices for photographers who don’t want to look like they just burst out of a SWAT van.X


January 10 / 2014
Presenting HoldFast, an Oklahoma outfitter that is hand-making ruggedly handsome/Americana-inspired travel accessories, available online now.


January 10 / 2014

My good friend Matt Swaggart and his newest company Hold Fast Gear has been getting some astounding feedback lately. I’ve owned and used the Money Maker harness now on over a dozen trips and I must say – I drank the Kool Aid®.


January 10 / 2014

This is just beautiful. Albert Cheung just posted photos of a new HoldFast MoneyMaker Multi-Camera Harness he got which comfortably holds two full-sized DSLRs at the hips without having to worry about shoulder-strap slip-off.


January 10 / 2014

fellow photographer recently tipped me on a new company called HoldFast, and their innovative products seemed to fit the bill. HoldFast applies attractive form and practicality to a realm where this combination is rarely found – photography equipment. In a world dominated by black neoprene straps and nylon bags, founder/photographer Matthew Swaggart offers timeless materials like waxed cotton duck and beautifully aging leather. HoldFast was born out of necessity, and its gear evokes a time when photography gear was not only functional, but also effortlessly stylish.


January 10 / 2014

We have been drooling over HoldFast´s products lately, we recently featured the stylish MoneyMaker (a Multi-Camera harness enabling the user to carry two or three cameras). Another product that caught our attention is "The Triple", a classic hand made leather dopp kit, it´s design is pretty simple, just some very rugged leather and an antique rope allowing the user to use the rope as a handle on three sides of the bag.


January 10 / 2014

The MoneyMaker by HoldFast is a very handy and stylish Multi-Camera harness enabling the user to carry two or three cameras.


January 10 / 2014

Si alguna vez habéis cargado con una cámara réflex durante un evento, fiesta o viaje, sabréis lo incómodas y antiestéticas que son de llevar colgadas, algo que podemos evitar con la correa adecuada, como estas correas de cuero que nos harán sentir el mismísimo Indiana Jones